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Expect the Unexpected!

OUTright’s Amazing Race FAQs

How many challenges will be a part of the race?
There will be 13-15 challenges consisting of Obstacles and Detours

  • OBSTACLE - A task in which a certain number or all team members must participate in and complete in order to move onto the next leg of the race The team member(s) must perform the task successfully to complete the challenge.  If the team cannot finish the task, they will be eliminated.

  • DETOUR - A choice between two challenges. On the surface, one may seem easy but involves some sort of twist; the other may seem difficult but in the end may be the quicker choice. If a team starts one task and finds it too difficult, they may elect to do the other task.   If the team cannot finish either task, they will be eliminated.


What happens if it rains on race day?

You get wet! The race will take place rain or shine. In the event of severe weather, we'll do all we can to make the experience as safe as possible. But if there is severe weather, the race may be delayed as race officials consult public safety officers. If there is more than a reasonable delay, or if conditions persist, race officials reserve the right to shorten or cancel the race.

Entry fees are non-refundable.


How will we know where the challenge locations will be?

Well, of course, we will be keeping the locations of the challenges and pit stops top secret until the race actually begins!


At each stop, you will be given an envelope with your next clue that will lead you to the next challenge.  Sometimes the clues will require you and your team members to put on your thinking caps to figure out the destination, sometimes we’ll give you the exact locations.  This is what makes our Amazing Race fun!

How difficult will OUTright’s Amazing Race to complete?

Some challenges for some teams are a breeze to complete, but others are far more challenging. That’s why it takes teamwork to be successful. It requires physical, mental and communication skills.


How much time will it take to complete OUTright’s Amazing Race?
That will depend on your team’s ability to successfully complete challenges! Typically, we estimate 2-4 hours.  And then it’s PARTY time!


Will there be any team eliminations as in the TV show?

Yes. There may be eliminations throughout the race, which means if your team has not reached a certain challenge location or completed a certain task with time limits your team may be eliminated.


What kind of training would you suggest to increase my team’s chances?

Due to the “mystery” of OUTright’s Amazing Race challenges, training for this race is unlike any other. This race focuses on FUN, so should your training. Here are some tips:

  • Since this race is completed in teams of two to four, you should consider training with your Amazing teammates to build stamina.

  • This race requires teams to work together to solve problems or physical challenges, so work together on your communication skills!


What type of clothing would you suggest for race day?
In addition to your teams’ fun and silly costumes (You are going to compete for the best costume prize, aren’t you?) we suggest that you check the weather first so you can adjust to what would be appropriate and comfortable for race day. A definite must is comfortable running shoes.

Tutus are optional!


What to bring:

  • A great sense of adventure and humor!  

  • A competitive race spirit

  • You will be outside, so bring your sunglasses & sunscreen

  • Plenty of water, food, and snacks to keep you going throughout the day

  • Cell Phone (Team captains must have their phone with them and turned on at all times)

  • Pens, highlighters, markers, and paper. (You never know when they will come in handy!)




 Bring your AMAZING sense of humor and have FUN!!!

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